I am Overand, a solo musician based in the North-eastern United States.  I work in drone, noise, minimalist and psych-folk, as well as more traditional electronic and acoustic musical styles.

Overand (the pseudonym) is also associated with other creative pursuits and a general internet presence.

Site updates, news, and musical releases follow below!


I’m incredibly happy with Renoise.  I bought it last night, to “render” (mixdown) the song I was working on.  I did my first mixdowns by ‘cheating’ – mixing down from my sound subsystem.  But this application has been continually surprising me.  I keep discovering new features right as I need them, and while it’s got a really busy interface, it’s surprisingly intuitive, at least for an old-school tracker user like myself.

So, I bought it because I want to see these folks continue to develop it.  Yes, I prefer open source software and such on a philosophical level, but it’s worth it to “compromise my ideals” in this case, and open my wallet.  Even if nothing else comes from RPM 2013, at least I’ve started getting nice and comfortable with a new piece of software, and I’m surprisingly pleased with the piece I’ve been working on so far, as well.

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RPM 2013, and Learning

I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, but I’m working on the RPM Challenge.  This is a challenge for musicians to record a Record Per Month – specifically Februrary.  I’m off to a late start, but I have high hopes.  Tonight, I’ve been toying with Renoise, a music package that resembles a highly modernized version of the MS-DOS software I first fell in love with, Fast Tracker II.

I have a recurring pattern with this.  I try to start working on “sequenced” music again.  This usually means I start with a new suite of tools, play with them for a few hours, get frustrated, and quit.  Then I’ll usually play around with Fast Tracker II in an emulator for about a day, and quit that as well.  Then, 6 months, a year, or more will pass, and I won’t write or release any music.

The last ~7 years, most of my musical productivity has happened in improvisational areas, with physical instruments.  I love working this way, but there are things I simply can’t do without using a sequencer.  I’m hoping that RPM will prove to be reason-enough for me to finally learn a modern sequencer / DAW / music package, ala Renoise, Fruity Loops, or Reason.

Site Update

After being offline for a few weeks, we’ve got the new site up, with links to the new SoundCloud profile as well!

We’ll be adding older musical releases here too.  Feel free to subscribe!

This site, like many others, is a ‘work in progress’ – Overand has existed for a number of highly disorganized years, and the music is scattered across half a dozen poorly-maintained sites, hard drives, and portable recording devices, but Things Are Improving.


New Release: “Conditioning”

It’s the first new release in years!  Just a taste of what’s happening up here in Maine, as we brace for winter.

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