I started the Overand project in 2001, a new identity I created after deciding I needed a musical rebirth.   As Overand, I’ve explored music’s ability to facilitate altered spaces, transporting the listeners to new places.


My previous project, Sucrose, started in the mid 1990s, and was unabashedly techno with a dark, quasi-gothic feel.  When I started writing music as Overand, I didn’t realize I would undergo such a dramatic of a change.

I continued in the techno vein until I started working with my modular synthesizer, tentatively exploring more abstract soundscapes.  In early 2006, I started working with the local musician Jeremy Kelly.  We moved rapidly into noise music, and formed Harry Xenu, a collaboration that would have a lasting impact both on my composition and perception of music.  (Since mid 2006, Harry Xenu has been mostly idle, as I left the New York Hudson Valley, and only occasionally am able to work with Jeremy.

I’ve since moved further North, letting the deep winter soak into my psyche.  I look forward to discovering what sounds will emerge next.

–Overand, 2011, 2013