I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to put an equipment list here, but I think it’s worth it, even if just for my own reference sake, or when letting friends/collaborators know what they’ll have access to.

(Updated 2013-07-08)


  • Roland SH-101 (Analog Monosynth)
  • Roland Juno-106 (Analog/Digital Polysynth)
  • Kawai K5000s (Additive Digital Synth)
  • Casio CZ-1 (“Phase Distortion” Digital Synth)
  • Casio SK-5 (Sampling Keyboard, Bent)
  • Casio SK-1 (Sampling Keyboard)

Synth Modules

  • Waldorf Blofeld (Wavetable & Virtual Analog multisynth)
  • Roland MKS-7 (semi-multitimbral Juno-106-in-a-module)
  • Roland JV-880 (Digital Synth + “Vocal” card)
  • Yamaha TG-77 (FM & Sample-based Synth)
  • Yamaha TX16W (12 bit sampler)
  • Alesis NanoPiano

Analog Modular Synth

  • Doepfer A-199 (Spring Reverb)
  • Encore Electronics UEG (Complex enveloper / 8-step sequencer)
  • Metasonix R-53 (Vacuum Tube Waveshaper & Ringmod)
  • MOTM-101 (Noise, Sample & Hold)
  • MOTM-120 (Sub Octave Mux)
  • MOTM-190 (Dual VCA / Ringmod)
  • MOTM-300 (2x, Full Range VCO)
  • MOTM-310 (1x, Full Range micro-VCO)
  • MOTM-320 (Waveshaping VC-LFO)
  • MOTM / E350 (Wavetable VCO)
  • MOTM-380 (Quad / Summing LFO)
  • MOTM-410 (Triple Resonant Korg PS-3100 Filter w/Vactrols)
  • MOTM-420 (12dB Vactrol MS-20 VCF)
  • MOTM-440 (24dB SSM2040 LP VCF)
  • MOTM-485 (24dB Yamaha GX-1 VCF)
  • MOTM-490 (Moog Modular Transistor Ladder Filter)
  • MOTM-510 (“Wavewarper” Crazy Ringmod-and-then-some)
  • MOTM-650 (MIDI to CV)
  • MOTM-700 (VC Router)
  • MOTM-800 (2x, ADSR Envelope Generator)
  • MOTM-830 (2x, Mixer)
  • MOTM-910 (2x, Cascading Mult)
  • WMD Geiger Counter (Wavetable Wavewarper & Sample Rate Mangler)

(Analog Synth, Not yet assembled)

  • Blacet Time Machine

FX Modules

  • Digitech S100 (Horrible Multi-FX)
  • Lexicon MPX100 (Slightly less horrible multi-FX)
  • Alesis NanoVerb (Horrible Reverb)


  • Boss SD-1 (Bent Overdrive/Distortion)
  • Boss SD-1 (Stock, same)
  • Electro-Harmonix Small Clone (Analog Chorus)
  • Electro-Harmonix #1 Echo (Delay)
  • Eventide Space (Reverb)
  • Eventide TimeFactor (Delay)
  • Boss PH-3 (Phaser)
  • Ibanez AD-9 (Reissue Analog Delay)
  • Metasonix F-1 “Complex Distortion” (Vacuum Tube Craziness)


  • BugBrand BoardWeevil 2012 (Glitchy Noise Machine)
  • Yamaha Tenori-on White (Grid-and-light based synth & sequencer)
  • Korg ER-1 (Electribe Drum Machine)
  • Roland TR-707 (Bent Drum Machine)
  • Moog Etherwave Theremin
  • Speak & Spell (Bent)
  • Old Plasic Electric Reed Organ


  • Harmonium (2-stop hand-pumped reed organ from India)
  • Singing Bowl (small)
  • StrumStick (Small stringed instrument w/pickup)


  • Mackie Onyx 1640 (16 channel mixer w/16 channel FireWire interface)
  • Mackie HR824 (Studio Monitor Speakers)
  • Alesis iMultiMix8 (Small mixer w/USB, used for “Feedback Mixer” & portable)

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