Site Update

After being offline for a few weeks, we’ve got the new site up, with links to the new SoundCloud profile as well!

We’ll be adding older musical releases here too.  Feel free to subscribe!

This site, like many others, is a ‘work in progress’ – Overand has existed for a number of highly disorganized years, and the music is scattered across half a dozen poorly-maintained sites, hard drives, and portable recording devices, but Things Are Improving.


One thought on “Site Update

  1. Hello, I saw you posting on Muff Wiggler, and making a comment about living in Maine. I’m just emailing to offer a chance to connect (if you feel inclined) with another modular enthusiast who lives in Maine. I live about 45 minutes North of Bangor, and teach audio engineering and MIDI/electronic music production at NESCom (Husson) in Bangor.

    I have a mid-sized dotcom system as well as some vintage MIDI stuff. While I’m slammed until next semester, it would be fun to get together with another “modular freak”. Also (this may or may not be of interest) – the video department here at NESCom is regularly looking for fodder for video production classes. If you have something you can do with your gear, you could get a reasonably cool multi-camera video done here for free.

    If you feel like it, shoot me an email sometime! Kind regards, Scott Loiselle

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